How to Order

1. Your Details

Please fill in your details in the form opposite. Some fields are required, so that we are able to contact you and verify the order.

Please do note that we do not store any personal information on-line and all data-collection is from a secure site (you can check the 'padlock' symbol in your browser).

2. Deliveries: France (Charente / Limousin / Dordogne)

You can have fresh meat from Riverside Butchers delivered, if you have registered with Mouse2House Deliveries Ltd. and live in the Charente / Limousin / Dordogne regions.

** You don't have to book a delivery slot with Mouse2House for Riverside orders - we take care of all that! Just select the delivery week for your area on the order form.

3. Very Important - Christmas Ordering Deadlines

Please Note:
Christmas orders are available from December 1st.  Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any failure to deliver goods on time to addresses within France. We will deliver to Mouse2House in good time, thereafter the responsibility is theirs.

Latest time for placing any order is 5.00pm Thursday or if including sausages, 5.00pm Wednesday

Currently there are 10 delivery points-

Just check the appropriate boxes on the order form and then leave the rest to us!

3. Payment / Order Value

Please do note that the actual payment may differ from the order value shown on the form. All our meat is cut and weighed by hand and the final weight may vary by a few grams.

We will contact you as soon as we have completed the order and to arrange payment (This is usually one or two days before the delivery date).

Please Note that we are currently unable to take payments on-line.

4. Review and Submit Order

Once completed, you will have the chance the review your order and make any amendments, before submitting. We will send you a copy of the order as confirmation.

If you have any problems ordering, call us on - 01823 289097

Ordering - Customer Details

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